Conversation: Freedom of expression, power and the media in Mexico: the case of Carmen Aristegui

Conference at University College London Institute of the Americas (organised in conjunction with theUCLU Mexican Society.)

Ella McPherson (Cambridge) and J. A. Brambila (Leeds) – One of the most influential journalists of Mexico, Carmen Aristegui, was sacked last month under allegations of “loss of confidence” from the Media company she worked for (MVS Noticias) towards two members of her team. Four months earlier, Aristegui’s team had published a report on what would become a massive scandal for the Administration of President Peña Nieto: the acquisition of a £4 million mansion, through one of the government’s contractors. What are the implications of this event for freedom of expression? What is the role of Media and its relation to political power in Mexico?

News reported published in Aristegui Noticias about the conference